Compression Tool


Compression Tool


In conjunction with the Adjustment Screw, Guide Bushing and Bearing, the Compression Tool is designed for mounting and/or disassembling most of the Pulleys requiring compression or torsion effort.

Held in place in the Vice, the Compression Tool allows for safe Pulley handling.

For the 04 Serie (Powerbloc 50) Drive Pulley

Tightening the three Hexagon Socket Head Shoulder Screws requires the Spring Cover to be in good contact with the Sliding Flange.

For the 05 Serie (VSP-2000) Drive Pulley

The Inside Flange Components must be properly pushed in order to allow for adding the Backup Washer.

For CVTech Driven Pulleys

These Pulleys require great compression and torsion effort. The Compression Tool allows for applying both movements both safely and at the same time.

56 Serie (LP2)

59 Serie (Invance)

60 Serie