- Assembling the pulley

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Assembling the Pulley

Mount the Cam Shoes as per the Diagram.

In order to avoid deteriorating the Siding Flange retaining holes, apply a Torque Value of 2 to 4 Nm to the Cam Shoe Screws.

Important : in order to eliminate wear between the two Flanges as well as part deterioration, insert the Shim Washer between the two parts.

To mount the Spring, use the appropriate Mounting Tool and make sure that it is properly positioned in the Vise.

Position the Flanges and insert items 6, 7, 8 and 9 onto the Threaded Rod portion of the Mounting Tool.

Compress the parts together so as to allow the installation of the Backup Washer into the shaft groove.

Mount the Snap Ring using the appropriate pliers.

 After adjusting the Flange opening, set the screws with Lock Washers and Nuts.

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