Invance LV

Invance LV
Démontage et montage du flasque coulissant
Montage de la poulie
Assemblage des rampes et hélices

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Assembling pulley

    To mount the Pulley, use the appropriate Mounting Tool and make sure that it is properly positioned in the Vise.

  Guide rollers of the sliding flange through openings in the fixed flange.
Depending on the case do not forget to add the washer spacer.

 Add the spring, the spring seat and the snap ring. You are now ready to assemble the compression tool.

   For the proper functioning of the pulley, the end of spring must be in contact with the inside shoulder of the spring seat.  

Make sure the snap ring is well located within the imprint of the spring seat.


   Block the opening of the pulley with the snap ring.

  Use the appropriate snap ring pliers.

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