Powerbloc ALT

Powerbloc ALT
1 - Pulley removal from the vehicle
2 - Assembling the pulley
3 - Mounting the blocks and cap
4 - Mounting the pulley on vehicle

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According to the desired calibration, choose the required assembly between the two Models
(A or B).

Insert the parts as per the chosen Model Diagram (A or B)
So as not to deteriorate the item (11), apply a Torque Value of 13 to 35 in.-lbs. (1.5 to 4 Nm).

Position the three Blocks with the narrow side facing the Sliding Flange (7).
In order to obtain maximum pulley efficiency, it is desirable to verify that the three Blocks be assembled with an equal number of Weights.

When mounting the Cap, make sure to align the Shaft Notch with the inside shape of the Cap.

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