1 - Disassembling the Driven Pulley
2 - Sliding Flange Maintenance
3 - Reassembling the Driven Pulley

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Reassembling the Driven Pulley

For proper Pulley operation, do not forget to put back the Spacer Washers between the two Flanges.

Place the Spring in the Sliding Flange in the same position as when you disassembled it.

Added the Key.

To reassemble the Pulley, follow the disassembling procedure in reverse order.

  • Position the Spring in the corresponding holes (sliding flange and Cam)
  • Place the Cam into position on the Fixed Flange Shaft and lock using the Key.
  • Rotate the Sliding Flange about one third (1/3) of a turn in order to align the Alignment Reference Line drawn earlier.
  • Lower the Cam in order to lock the Cam Shoes in place and install the Retaining Ring.

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