1 - Disassembling the Driven Pulley
2 - Sliding Flange Maintenance
3 - Reassembling the Driven Pulley

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Disassembling the Driven Pulley

Carefully observe the Spring position in the Sliding Flange and Cam. It is advisable to draw an alignment reference line on the Sliding Flange and Cam before carrying out any disassembly.

When you reassemble the Pulley, the Spring position must be the same as when you disassembled it. This ensures that Pulley performance is not affected.

Use the CVTech Compression Tool to prevent abrupt disassembly due to loaded Spring.

(You can also use a Bench Press or Press Drill).

Lower the Cam in order to free up the Retaining Ring. (maximum 2 or 3mm)

Remove the Retaining Ring with an appropriate pair of Pliers.

Raise slowly.

Be careful of the loaded Spring.

Carefully observe both Component quantity and position so as not to modify original Pulley performance.

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