Installation Manuals

Important Notice

Skilled staff should carry out Variable-Speed Drive maintenance and repair operations.

i Identifies operations where a risk of serious injury exists when instructions are not cerried out.

IIdentifies a step where there exists a risk of part deterioration or component malfunction.

- The Tightening Torque Values shown must be precisely applied.

Limit of Liability

In no event shall CVTech be liable for damage or injury due to poor text interpretation, improper Variable-Speed Drive handling or misuse of the recommended tools.

Maintenance Frequency

The CVTech Variable-Speed Drive requires no lubrification. It is designed to run dry. However, basic cleanliness rules apply when handling in order to avoid products or particulate getting in contact with Variable-Speed Drive components during reassembling.


To increase the Variable-Speed Drive life span, it is highly recommended that a visual inspection of the CVT Unit be carried out every 3,000 miles ( 5,000 km ).

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