Student Support

CVTech-IBC places much importance upon studies and research. We support engineering students from various universities and colleges by our implication with teams which participate in the Mini-Baja trials, and providing support for university research. Knowledge is the key to innovation and success.

CVTech-IBC supports teams which participate in Mini-Baja competitions by supplying them with the Continuous Variable Power Transmission System required to build their vehicle. This performance kit includes both Drive and Driven Pulleys, a calibration kit, and two belts. The sponsored CVT is specially designed for competition and is not available on the market. Furthermore, on the CVTech R&D Website, we provide a discussion forum which encourages the exchange of information and, there, we publish documents useful to the understanding of CVT operation. If you are a member of a team which participates in Mini-Baja competitions, feel free to request a sponsorship by completing the attached form.